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Horst and Uwe met first time at Texas Instruments in 1995. The charter at that time was to extend MCU application life time with a given budget of energy.  This caused a different way of thinking throughout the organization. It wasn‘t processing performance only anymore, it became maximum throughput with a given amount of energy. A self-invented low energy 16 bit RISC controller MSP 430™ became a major flagship product to fullfill those needs but also a lot of application solutions with it.



More than 20 years later cooperating with major industry leaders the energy awareness is still a core element of our newly founded company ProJoule: Get maximum performance out of a given amount of energy. Both Horst and Uwe have seen the developments in the industry from different angles. Now we combine our knowledge in ProJoule.




™MSP430 is a registered trademark from Texas Instruments